Inspired by the SETI@home project (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), the SIMI Project (Search for Intelligent Monkeys on the Internet) was founded in 1999.  The idea behind 100 Monkeys is to harness the unused processing power of personal computers around the world to prove a simple theory. Actually, we’re really harnessing a whole lot of your idle time. What we are hoping for is that you are so bored at work that you will continuously keep our monkeys typing away. Eventually, we hope to muster up a Shakespearean sonnet.

As the old quote by Thomas Henry Huxley roughly states, if you left a hundred monkeys in front of a hundred typewriters for a hundred years eventually you’d manage to get a Shakespearean sonnet. Okay, so we at 100 Monkeys paraphrased a bit.

Even if you are not an English major, we believe that you will be able to recognize strings of words hidden between the mad typing of our monkeys. We simply do not have the budget to sustain a team large enough to filter through the massive amount of data our monkeys generate daily. That is where you come in.
Your task is simple. Return to 100 Monkeys as often as possible and keep our monkeys hard at work. Certainly, you have nothing better to do with your time.

To participate in 100 Monkeys you do not need to download any software. 100 Monkeys has spent hours field testing its software so that even a low-end system with a single user can participate.

So, please spread the word about the 100 Monkey project. The more involved the Internet community is, the sooner we’ll have our sonnet!


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